These guys have got to be the best experience an angler can wish for. We just got back from a trip to the Three Kings late Feb 17′ and are all shattered from the insane amount of monster fish caught on Cova Rose. Reece was a great skipper and put us on the fish. Phil was an absolute legendary decky with a huge amount of experience to share with us, plus he cooked up a storm for us every day. Harley was also great company and an awesome help on board. We will definitely be heading up again next year and I would recommend Enchanter to anyone wanting a trip of a lifetime.

Craig Stuart

What an experience. Trip of a lifetime. Thanks to our skipper Dennis for pointing us in the right direction. The trip would not have been so fantastic if it wasn’t for our amazing deckhand Phil. You are such a hardworking young man. Many people could learn from your work ethics. Thanks again Phil for such a great trip.

Ian Bye

One fish i’ve always wanted to catch and have been trying to catch for a few years (2 trips to lord Howe Island) is a big Kingfish on a stickbait, that dream cam true this week in NZ with Enchanter Fishing Charters
We had rough weather on day 2 of our trip so we went top water fishing in the morning. The islands still had big seas crashing into them so the conditions were still testing with a wet deck etc. I had seen a king chase a mates lure out from some white water so put a good cast right into the area it appeared to be sitting, had a follow on this cast , put another in right against the rocks and as the Sea Falcon stick bait was leaving the white water my lure got smashed, the take was explosive and the next 3 or so minutes i was doing everything in my power to not get reefed by this beast, I was basically owned and railed, dragged up and down the rail! As the fight settled down i moved to the back of the boat and eventually landed what is to me a fish of a lifetime! Estimated 27kg of Top Water Kingfish!!
Big Thanks to Phil the skipper of Pacific Invader for his expert guiding and boat driving skills, he is also a Top Water angler so knew exactly where to put the boat and what to do!

Bruce Baddeley