About Our Crew

Enchanter Fishing Charters is the long range fishing specialists of New Zealand running three vessels to cover the best of the best fishing New Zealand has to offer. We get to remote places to target big fish. We strive for success. Our team at Enchanter Fishing Charters complement each other and work together to provide a memorable and exciting fishing adventure to each and every group.

Lance Goodhew

Lance established Enchanter Fishing Charters in 1995. Lance has a passion for the sea and fishing, he has dedicated his life to living and working on the ocean  for over 250 days per year for the past 25 years. He is the captain of Radar Blue and runs the operation, he runs a tight ship and highly motivated crew. He is a qualified offshore master and has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and working in these extreme environments. His dedication and passion for fishing sees him provide his clients with the ultimate fishing experience. Always hunting out new areas and new challenges for his anglers, he’s not happy unless you are fishing to the limit, always striving for bigger, better and non-stop action. He will push you to your limit and beyond to land the fish of your dreams. Lance prides himself on results and providing top notch entertainment, professional service and value for dollar. Lance makes no mission too small as he puts a huge amount of energy into maximum enjoyment for every group, hence why enchanter fishing charters is becoming a world renown charter fishing operation specializing in monster New Zealand Kingfish with many groups returning

Rhys Lark

Rhys Lark is a qualified Offshore Master Unlimited, Master class 4 Engineer. Rhys has extensive back ground in both commercial and gamefishing with over 15 years working commercially in the Far North Three Kings area as well as locations world wide. Rhys is a steadfast and level leadedship captain who takes pride in his vessel and quality of customer service on board Cova Rose. Rhys is a true professional and runs a tight ship, with a focus on giving customers a variety of fishing experiences. His back ground in commercial fishing the extensive area we fish has complimented our business giving us a captain with a life time of local knowledge, proven sea capabilities with a passion to catch fish and go the extra mile. Working extended offshore destinations such as the Three Kings and West Coast of the South Island takes a confident skipper that is able to adapt to all situations including weather, sea and of course fishing techniques including a raft of different fishing abilities to be able to deliver the results Enchanter Fishing Charters is renowned for. Rhys manages the Cova Rose and her crew to the high level of standards and expectations that our return clients

Philip Wright

Philip Wright  runs the  Pacific Invader and is a Qualified offshore charter captain SCO . Phil  has been with Enchanter fishing charters for 7 years starting on the deck of Enchanter and working his way through the ranks to become captain of the Pacific Invader. Phil has a very in dept knowledge of the whole operation and well liked among the many return clients. He has a never give in attitude and will go the extra mile to achieve the results required. He is fast becoming one of the top skippers in the fishing industry.