1. Best tip for the month is Buy quality braid,  100-130lb pe8 is what we recommend it is the only thing holding you to your fish of a lifetime.
  2. When fishing for kingfish we fish up to 120mtrs so line capacity is not really a problem, 250mtrs is plenty and you should think more about strength than capacity.
  3. Many places that we fish are very foul (Rocks) so if your fish runs out 30mtrs or so it’s goodbye, we have to stop them getting to the rock.
  4. Three Kings is no place for light tackle.
  5. Bass/Hapuka live deeper and we fish up to 250mtrs tackle should be heavy 130lb mainline 300lb trace, 14/0 circle hooks.
  6. Good bait is a must, Squid jigs of various sizes for night fishing.