Rudee Lim

January 19 at 8:05 PM ·
Words can’t explain the excitement and joy I got from this trip!

From xos fish to the company onboard and to the crew of Enchanter Fishing! Cheers Nip(Phil)for making the week a splendid one!!

Phots just don’t do justice with the stunning and magnificent place we call home! Three kings just blew my mind and to think that we have this luxury right on our door step is just beyond me! Sad at the fact Facebook only lets me post 80 photos! 😔

Food on board was second to none, best part about it is we were fed to the brim!

Had the privilege of testing a few new gears from various brands and all I have to say was, I’m fully impressed!

Teddy got to come on board as being part of the crew being in scenic shots and fish shots as part of the promise I made to my boy for being away for a week!😂

Three kings, you’ve blown me away and I’ll see you again in a couple of months! ✌️

Special thanks to Peter and Jim for having me on board this special trip!🤙🤙

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Three Kings January 2020